Jocelyn A. Aldan, Acquisition Manager of Jiang Zheng Group, has worked for the company since it opened in 2016. In that time, she has closed deals collectively covering more than 100 hectares of Saipan real estate, ranging from vacant land and houses to commercial real estate and luxury villas. 

In the process, she has built up significant relationships within the Saipan real-estate community and developed an acute understanding of the needs and challenges of foreign investors.   


  •   James B. Sasamoto, Acquisitions Specialist, focuses on finding real estate. In that role, he's listed over 80 hectares of Saipan land and helped close multiple multi-million-dollar deals. When he's not finding real estate, he's assessing property, negotiating deals, and cleaning up title issues so that the property can safely be put on the market for sale or lease. 


  •   Cornessa Dela Cruz, Acquisitions Assistant, handles day-to-day administrative operations. When she's not busy with that, she also views property, researches deals, and assists clients.